ComfyMed Posture Corrector Review

Purchasing medical equipment usually means making a hefty investment. Moreover, medical accessories and devices are designed to improve the life quality for users by addressing sources of discomfort and can help treat conditions such as bad posture.

If you are suffering from recurring neck and backaches, then you may benefit from purchasing a posture corrector. These awesome devices are designed to train your muscles to support your back in an upright position, relieving pain while gradually correcting your posture.

Having a bad posture often comes as a result of working in uncomfortable positions. Slouching or hunching over a computer for extended periods of time can result in severe aches and permanently alter your back’s position in a negative way.

Posture correctors address this issue and hold your back in an ergonomic upright position. They are often made of durable materials that can adjust specific body types. Certain brands also produce one-size-fits-all models that are designed to fit a range of body types and sizes alike.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, we would like to present to you the ComfyMed Posture Corrector Clavicle Support Brace CM-PB16. This high-quality posture corrector can provide a reliable solution that relieves aches and improves your position at the same time.

About The Product

Most medical equipment and pharmaceutical manufacturers are owned or managed by large corporations and conglomerates. However, ComfyMed is a family owned and operated company that aim to provide quality products backed by amazing customer service.

ComfyMed offers a huge variety of posture correctors and back braces, and the CM-PB16 is one of their most outstanding models. It features a patented design that combines lightweight materials and an innovative design that sits comfortably on your body.

Not only does the CM-PB16 feature a comfortable and effective design, but it’s also extremely easy to put on. Many posture correctors need to be adjusted by a second person, but this ComfyMed design allows you to put it on and adjust it easily and without any help.

People that suffer from problems such as back sprains, sports injuries, clavicle fractures, and other conditions that affect their posture usually suffer from back and neck pain. The ComfyMed posture corrector can provide a great alternative to treat pain and correct their problems.

This posture correction device is equipped with different features that allow it to treat conditions such as lordosis, shoulder instability, collarbone pain, strains, and clavicle fractions, just to name a few.

The ComfyMed CM-PB16 is suitable for both men and women, providing a comfortable fit all around. It’s ideal to wear while you are at work or while you carry out chores around your house, but keep in mind that the bulky straps won’t allow you to conceal it underneath your clothes.

That being said, this posture corrector is an effective and comfortable device that provides support while standing up and when sitting down. The padding underneath the arms and around the shoulder area provides a pleasant feel while still holding your back straight.

Functionality-wise, the CM-PB16 is among the best posture correctors out there because it has an efficient design and it’s made of quality materials. The long straps allow you to adjust it comfortably and the figure-8 design help keep your shoulders and back in a healthy position.

Besides being comfortable and easy to use, this ComfyMed posture corrector is also extremely easy to clean. The flexible, lightweight materials are very durable, so your posture correction will withstand the test of time.

Keep in mind you should always consult with a physician before selecting the right posture corrector. Like all other back braces and posture correctors, remember you should not wear the CM-PB16 all the time, but instead follow the instructions given to you by your doctor.

What Others Say

There are many online reviews that work as a testament to the quality of the ComfyMed CM-PB16 posture corrector. Some reviewers claim this piece of medical equipment helped them combat the symptoms of scoliosis, bulging discs, neck pains, and general backaches.

Other online reviewers also said that the CM-PB16 was by far the most comfortable posture corrector they had ever tried. Users with both large and small body types reported immediate pain relief after using this posture corrector while other reported better posture within weeks.

Many of the reviews found online praised the fact that you can put on and adjust this medical device without the assistance of a second person. This is an ideal feature for users who are using their corrector in a professional environment or while alone at home.

Some reviewers also liked the fact that this back brace did not cut off any circulation. The comfortable fit and large range of sizes make it an ideal solution suitable for people looking for short-term pain relief and better back positioning in the long run.

What To Look Out For

Although most online reviews praised this posture corrector, there were others that complained about certain aspects of its design. Some customers claim that their product had a strong plastic smell that barely faded over time.

There were also some reviewers who complained about the bulkiness of the ComfyMed corrector. The design works extremely well, but can’t be concealed underneath light clothing, which was not ideal for certain customers who wanted to wear theirs discretely.


In addition to the above, some users mentioned the fact that you should purchase a size bigger than suggested as their sizing scale is on the smaller scale of the spectrum.

Buying Advice

You can purchase the CM-PB16 from an array of retailers, but Amazon offers the most competitive prices starting at just under $28. Keep in mind that this price includes a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, but it does not cover shipping fees.

Final Verdict

Posture correctors can have a huge impact on your day to day life, relieving severe back and neck pain while adjusting your back in the right position. The ComfyMed CM-PB16 offers a superb alternative that is durable, easy to wash, and extremely functional.

Thanks to its many features and intelligent design, the CM-PB16 has earned our stamp of approval as one of the best posture corrections in the market today.

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