In-Depth Review Of The ET-7070 iReliev TENS Unit

The ET-7070 iReliev TENS + EMS Pain Relief & Muscle Stimulator is the ideal TENS unit for bodybuilders, athletes, and people with arthritis pain. The ET-7070 iReliev combines all of the best performance-oriented features into one small package that you’ll learn how to use in no time flat.

In this article, we’ll explain who should be using the ET-7070 iReliev and who should be looking for a different TENS unit. The ET-7070 iReliev is a bit more niche than other TENS units, so it’s important to understand the target demographics.

When you’re finished reading, you’ll know whether the ET-7070 iReliev has a good chance of being the solution you’ve been looking for. 


The ET-7070 iReliev has a compact feature set in comparison to other TENS units. The features of the ET-7070 iReliev include:

  • 25 intensity levels
  • Arthritis-specific protocols
  • Muscle recovery enhancement protocols
  • Reduces chemical fatigue in muscles
  • 6 EMS modes
  • 8 basic protocols
  • Ideals for athletes

The most important thing to understand about the ET-7070 iReliev is that it is targeted at athletes and people with arthritis. Athletes often incur high amounts of painful muscle damage, and they may not be able to take advantage of traditional analgesics like NSAIDs.

The same goes for people with arthritis. While NSAIDs may reduce the inflammation of their joints and thus reduce the pain somewhat, the deeper bone and nerve pain will not be addressed. Likewise, the muscle pain that is associated with old age and restricted movement courtesy of arthritis is difficult to treat with NSAIDs.

NSAIDs can also impede muscle fiber healing time, which makes them contradictory to people who are in recovery or rehabilitation. For these people, the ET-7070 iReliev is the perfect therapeutic choice.

Where other TENS units might focus on stimulating organs or having a bunch of different functionalities, the ET-7070 iReliev is tightly focused. The unit is not for any purpose other than muscle and joint pain relief and recovery assistance.

There are eight modes on the unit, each of which is intended for a specific kind of injury or pain. You won’t need to wonder what mode to use because the modes are very well-labeled. This means that if you have lower back pain, you will pick a different mode than the upper or middle back pain modes.

The same goes for joint pain or arm pain. The trick to getting this unit to work is understanding that electrode placement does not need to be perfect to address the kinds of pain that the unit is the strongest at reducing.

The electrode placement guides are rudimentary and non-digital. This means that the unit may not be the ideal first TENS unit for everyone. Nonetheless, if you are an athlete, you will know where the muscles are that need the most attention. The electrode placements are fairly obvious when you know the muscle itself.

People with arthritis will also know exactly where they need pain relief. So the issue of weak instructions is not as important as it may seem at first.

The therapeutic potential of the ET-7070 iReliev is very high, provided that it is used in the cases where it is intended. In other words, you can expect great pain relief from this unit.

There aren’t any other TENS units that are better than the ET-7070 iReliev when it comes to muscle and joint pain.

What Others Say

Users are pleased with the ET-7070 iReliev and make special note of the high-quality customer service which they can get on demand if needed.

Users also report that the ET-7070 iReliev is effective for neck pain, back pain, joint pain, and arthritis pain -- exactly what the unit is intended for.

A few users have tried to use the ET-7070 iReliev on their organ pain, but they complain about how the protocols cannot be effectively adapted. This shouldn’t surprise anyone: protocols intended for relieving muscle pain will not work for organ pain. Don’t follow the poor example of these users.

Finally, a fewf users have reported that the unit is effective for deep bone pain. The unit isn’t qualified to provide this kind of relief, but it’s potentially a nice bonus feature if vertebral pain is something that you struggle with.

If you intend to use the unit for bone pain, you will probably get pain relief in the muscles that overlay the bones as well. This can be great if you have an injury which caused damage to both the muscle and the underlying bone.

Remember that you shouldn’t be using the ET-7070 iReliev or any other TENS unit on open wounds or broken skin, however.

Pros and Cons


  • Great for bodybuilders
  • Excellent for arthritis pain
  • May be effective for lower back pain
  • Highly effective for upper back pain
  • Reduces exercise recovery time
  • Great safety features


  • Minimal adaptability to new protocols
  • Few uses aside from recovery from exercise or arthritis pain
  • Weak electrode guidance features on unit itself
  • Small battery capacity
  • Interface may be somewhat confusing because of how minimalistic it is

The Verdict

We’re happy to say that the ET-7070 iReliev deserves 4 / 5 stars in our view. The unit’s tight focus area and delivery of great results within its area of competence are hard to overstate.

The only downside of the unit is that its focus area is very narrow. You can’t consider the ET-7070 iReliev to be a pluripotent TENS unit. If you are going to need a TENS unit with a huge number of different modes to address various kinds of non-musculoskeletal pain, you should look elsewhere.

If, on the other hand, you want to recover faster from your exercise or address your arthritis pain, the ET-7070 iReliev is probably the best unit that you could find.

By all appearances, the ET-7070 iReliev has rock-solid reliability and high efficacy. Though it isn’t the easiest TENS unit to use in the world, it’s still fairly easy to pick up. You could probably have this be your first TENS unit and not struggle.

Our Rating

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