A Review Of The Sivan Health and Fitness Acupressure Mat

Sivan Health and Fitness Acupressure Mat

Back pain is an insidious condition which plagues many people every year. Even after thousands of years of dealing with human back troubles, there still isn’t a reliable way to address back pain without resorting to powerful drugs.

Luckily, patients are far from helpless in the face of their back pain. Acupressure mats are derived from the ancient tradition of acupuncture which involves stimulating the nervous system using high pressure applied to inflection points along the back.

If you’re interested in treating your back pain from the comfort of your home, acupressure mats are a good place to start. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into one of the best acupressure mats on the market.

About The The Sivan Health And Fitness Acupressure Mat

The Sivan Health and Fitness Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Lower, Upper, Mid, Chronic Back Pain is an acupressure mat which few others can compete with. The mat is intended to address pain all along the back. 

Sivan Health and Fitness Acupressure Mat


  •  Easy-roll format
  •  Black mat with white spike pucks
  •  Designed in Sweden
  • Average quantity of spikes
  • Average sharpness of spikes
  • Provides rush of relaxation upon reclining
  • Helps to reduce upper back pain
  • Reduces neck pain
  • Causes blood to rush into the back
  • Provides long-lasting pain relief
  • Intended for medium-sized adults

How To Use The Mat

Using the Sivan mat is very simple. First, unfurl the mat so that the spikes are facing upwards towards the ceiling. Then, remove your shirt and lay down on the mat such that the spikes impact all of your upper and lower back.

Pick yourself up off of the mat to adjust your position until you are moderately comfortable. Remember, you are going to have the plastic spikes of the mat pressing into your back no matter how you lay on the mat.

Try to find a position you can tolerate that is not pinching your skin or leaving your spine in an uncomfortable spot, and stick with it. Lay on the mat for at least ten minutes. You should know that the mat is working within a moment or two of finding the right spot, however.

Most users report flushing of relief and warmth into their back when they are in the proper position on the mat. Afterward, they will still feel the sensation of pressure from the mat but it will be less noticeable as a result of the mat’s pain relieving properties.

You can lay on the mat for a long time if you want, but most people decide to sit up and remove the mat after 30 minutes.

What Reviewers Think

The reviewers of the Sivan Health acupressure mat are broadly pleased. Users cite the mat’s understated aesthetic and tolerable spikes as its best properties.

Other users think that the Sivan Health mat is the best that they’ve encountered regarding lower back pain reduction.

These users claim that while the Sivan mat is not as effective as others that they have used for shoulder pain, its emphasis on the lower back eases the pain in a way that nothing else could.

Similarly, there are some positive reports regarding the mat’s efficacy in reducing mid-back pain. These users said that they laid on the mat for roughly 20 minutes per day to achieve long-lasting benefits.

As far as sleep improvement and anxiety reduction are concerned, the Sivan mat rates favorably. While several users claimed that they eventually moved on to other mats, they stated that the Sivan mat provided nearly instantaneous relief of anxiety.

These users went on to say that they often brought their mat into bed with them to start off their night of sleep. Later, they would remove the mat and sleep on their mattress to prevent any accidents with the spikes which might occur as a result of moving around in the night.

Several people claimed that they had gotten their start with acupressure mats using the Sivan mat.

These users said that the spikes were sufficient for a beginner to use without trouble, but that once they had been using it for a while they started to desire more pressure than the mat could provide.

This means that advanced users may want to look elsewhere for a mat with more punch. Nonetheless, there were also several reviewers who enjoyed the Sivan mat more than any other mat that they had purchased over the years.

These users faulted how hard the mat was to clean, but claimed that it was the right firmness and sharpness for them out of all the mats that they had tried.

Pros And Cons


  • Pleasant aestheticc
  • Promotes blood flow
  •  Great for chronic back pain
  •  Good for helping with sleep issues
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Average sharpness of spikes
  • Average number of spikes


  • Difficult to clean
  • Only one color option
  • The pillow isn't included
  • Small size

The Verdict

We give the Sivan Health acupressure mat four stars out of five thanks to its emphasis on the relief of pain in the middle and lower back. While the mat loses a lot of points because of how hard it is to clean, it’s still a highly effective mat that will help you to address your back pain.

The mat is also fairly effective in the capacity of a sleep aid or way to reduce anxiety. While there are other mats which will perform these functions better than the Sivan mat, there are few which can reduce pain in the mid and lower back as completely.

If you’re looking for a starter mat to ease into the acupressure practice, the Sivan mat might be the right one for you. Its spikes are not too sharp nor too numerous to provide for a fair amount of pressure -- but not so much pressure that you will be in more pain.

With a bit of practice and some dedicated laying, the Sivan Health mat will help you to get over your middle and lower back pain without using any kind of outside aid.

Our Rating

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